What is a Variable Frequency Drive?
A variable frequency drive is an electronic device that allows you to start, stop, and control the speed of a three phase motor. It is also a motor starter as it is equipped with overload protection. Read more »
What is the difference between a 'new surplus' motor and a 'factory new' motor?
Our New Surplus electric motors and drives are new and unused overstock or discontinued items offered at lower prices and come with our 90-day warranty.

Factory New products are competitively priced and come with a manufacturers warranty.
Variable frequency drives (VFDs or inverters) now play an important part in major industry.
Within the last 10 years they have been perfected to control and vary the speed of 3 phase electric motors. They serve many purposes, besides speed control. Homeowners and hobbyist alike, who have lathes or milling machines with a 3 phase motor, usually don't have 3 phase power to operate. These VFDs (instead of using a rotary phase converter) can now be used to convert single phase power to 3 phase power. Read more »

Teco Instruction Manuals

Sensorless Vector AC Drive

EV Micro Drive

1/4 thru 3 HP

EV Quick Start Manual
EV Operations Manual

EV Brochure

Compact Low-Cost AC Drive

FM50 General Purpose Drive

1/4 thru 3 HP

FM50 Instruction & User Manual

Shop for FM50 family drives

Sensorless Vector AC Drive

N3 Compact Drive

1/2 thru 75 HP

N3 Operations Manual
N3 Instruction Manual
N3 Brochure

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Medium Duty AC Drive

MA Sensorless Vector Drive

1 thru 75 HP

MA7200 Operations Manual
MA7200 Brochure

Shop for MA7200 family drives

Heavy Duty AC Drive

GS Heavy Duty Drive

25 thru 450 HP

7200GS Operations Manual
7200GS Instruction Manual
7200GS Brochure

Heavy Duty AC Drive

EQ5 Sensorless Vector Drive

1/4 thru 800 HP

EQ5 Operations Manual
EQ5 Quick Start-up Guide C/T
EQ5 Fan & Pump Start-up Guide
EQ5 Brochure

High Performance, Full-Featured Drive

EQ7 High Performance Drive

1/2 thru 1000 HP

EQ7 Operations Manual
EQ7 Quick Setting Guide
EQ7 Brochure

Shop for EQ7 family drives

Heavy Duty AC Drive

A510 Heavy Duty Drive

1 thru 200 HP

A510 Operations Manual
A510 Brochure

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Fan and Pump AC Drive
F510 Fan and Pump Drive
(Replacement for the MA7200 Variable Torque)

5 thru 150 HP @ 230V
5 thru 250 HP @ 460V

F510 Operations Manual
F510 Brochure

Shop for F510 family drives

Medium Duty Micro Drive

L510 Micro Drive
(Replacement for the EV (JNEV) Series)

1/4 thru 3 HP

L510 Instruction Manual
L510 Start-up Manual
L510 Quick Start-up Guide
L510 Brochure
JN5-CU Copy Unit Manual

Shop for L510 family drives

Medium Duty Micro Drive

E510 Micro Drive
(Replacement for the MA7200 NEMA 4 Series)

1/2 thru 25 HP

E510 Instruction Manual
E510 Start-up & Installation Manual

Note: This manual is not interchangeable with the E510 Compact Drive - some parameters differ.

Shop for E510 family drives

Compact Micro Drive

E510 Compact Drive
(Replacement for the N3 Series)

1/2 thru 75 HP

E510 Compact Instruction Manual
E510 Compact Start-up & Installation Manual
E510 Compact Quick Start Guide
E510 Compact Brochure
E510 Compact Communications addendum
E510 Firmware Errata for 00000 display
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