HVAC Motors (TEFC & ODP) offers high starting torque that makes these motors ideal for a wide range of applications.

Features that make a difference-Single Phase:

  • High starting torque
  • Ball bearings
  • Class B insulation
  • TEFC motors are rated IP55 (gasketed conduit box and capacitor cover)

Features that make a difference-Three Phase:

  • New ventilation systems for improved thermal performance
  • Robust feet design suitable for tougher applications
  • new and more robust eyebolts design (frames 182/4T and up) plus a second eyebolt on non-drive end allowing vertical lifting capability (frames 213/5T and 254/6T)
  • Overssized diagonally split aluminum terminal box that exceeds IP 55 requirements
  • Terminal box rotatable in 90 degrees increments for flexibility during installation
  • Color coded leads as standard, being appropriate for severe environments
  • Bearing cap as standard on flanged motors, optional on non-flanged
  • Suitable for VFD operation as per NEMA MG1 part
  • Motor frame painting system 500 hours salt spray resistant
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