What is a Variable Frequency Drive?
A variable frequency drive is an electronic device that allows you to start, stop, and control the speed of a three phase motor. It is also a motor starter as it is equipped with overload protection. Read more »
What is the difference between a 'new surplus' motor and a 'factory new' motor?
Our New Surplus electric motors and drives are new and unused overstock or discontinued items offered at lower prices and come with our 90-day warranty.

Factory New products are competitively priced and come with a manufacturers warranty.
Variable frequency drives (VFDs or inverters) now play an important part in major industry.
Within the last 10 years they have been perfected to control and vary the speed of 3 phase electric motors. They serve many purposes, besides speed control. Homeowners and hobbyist alike, who have lathes or milling machines with a 3 phase motor, usually don't have 3 phase power to operate. These VFDs (instead of using a rotary phase converter) can now be used to convert single phase power to 3 phase power. Read more »
MA7200-2040-N1-Dealers Electric-Teco
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40 HP, 230 Volts, 1 or 3 Phase, NEMA 1, Teco, MA7200-2040-N1

Model #: MA7200-2040-N1  
230 Volts 1 or 3 Phase Input, 230 Volts 3 Phase Output
Stock:  0
HP : 40
Enclosure : NEMA 1
Input Voltage : 230
Input Phase : 1 or 3
Manufacturer : Teco-Westinghouse
Output Voltage : 230
Output Phase : 3
Model : MA7200
Item Condition : Factory New
Weight:  71 lbs
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  • Input/Output Voltage: 230V 1 or 3-Phase Input - 230V 3-Phase Output
  • Constant Torque Horsepower: 40
  • Constant Torque Amps: 130
  • Variable Torque Horsepower: 50
  • Variable Torque Amps: 130
  • Enclosure: NEMA 1
  • Additional Features: -
  • Height: 25.45
  • Width: 10.6
  • Depth: 10.91
  • Warranty: Factory New with Manufactures Warranty
  • Notes: Applications: Conveyors; Pumps; Exhaust Fans; Mixers; Process Lines; Multi-Stage Operations
  • If using as 1 Phase Input it is rated at 1/2 the HP

Features and Benefits

  • Pump Talk Software - The MA7200 Plus has the features that provide a complete package for pump controls. These features include both a PID control package for the motor, as well as an external PID function for a related plant process.
  • Sensorless Vector – The MA7200 Plus has precise speed and torque control for the most demanding system performance and simple setup through an auto-tuning function. It can be operated in sensorless vector or V/Hz mode to match the user’s specific application.
  • Graphical LCD Operator - The MA7200 Plus offers easily read parameters and status in plain English text on a 2 line by 20 character lighted LCD, eliminating the need to memorize parameters. Straight forward monitoring of drive status through the LCD user-friendly operator is also available, which simplifies set-up and troubleshooting.
  • Parameter Copy - No extra hardware is required on this drive. The copy feature is included as standard in the keypad. Simple cloning of the drive program is available, making it perfect for the OEM.
  • Flexible Input/ Output Options - The MA7200 Plus offers sink or source selectable digital inputs* - 4 Preset, 4 User Programmable, 16 Preset Speeds, 2 Analog Inputs, 2 Analog Outputs, 3 Multi-Function Output Contacts - 1 Form C Relay, 1 Form A Relay, and 1 Open Collector Output.
  • Two Built-in PID Control Loops - Revised Powerful Programming Options - The MA7200 Plus allows the user to set up basic parameters for simple tasks or take advantage of advanced features for demanding applications.
  • Communications - The MA7200 Plus has Modbus RTU protocol as standard. The user can control, program, and monitor the drive(s) over an industrial network. 
  • Performance - User Selectable V/F Curves + S Curves are available.
  • Motor/ Drive Systems - Pair the MA7200 Plus with a TECO-Westinghouse motor for single source reliability.
MA7200 Plus NEMA 1 50 HP Variable Torque; 40 HP Constant Torque

Maximum Voltage 230 Volt 3-Phase, 208 - 230V
Rated Output Frequency 0 - 400Hz
Output Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz
Rated Input Voltage & Frequency 230 Volt, 5 - 50 HP 3-Phase, 208 - 230V, 50/60Hz
Voltage Fluctuation 10%, -15%
Frequency Fluctuation +/-5%
Control Mode Selectable Sensorless Vector, V/Hz, V/Hzwith PG Feedback
Operation Mode English LCD Display
Carrier Frequency Programmable: 2.5 - 15kHz
Frequency Control Range 0.5 - 400Hz
Frequency Accuracy Digital Command: +/-0.01% (+14°F - 104°F)
Analog Command: +/-1% (77°F+/-14°F)
Speed Control Accuracy +/-0.5% (Sensorless Vector)+/- 2% V/Hz
+/-0.1% (V/Hz with PG Feedback)
Frequency Command Resolution Digital Command: 0.01Hz
Analog Command: 0.06/60Hz
Overload Capacity Constant Torque: 150% Rated Output Current for 60 Sec.
Variable Torque: 110% Rated Output Current for 60 Sec.
Frequency Setting Signal 0 - 10VDC, 4 - 20mA
Accel/Decel Time 0.0 - 6000 Sec. (Independent Accel/Decel Time Settings)
Number of V/F Patterns 15 Preset V/F Patterns, 1 Custom V/F Pattern
Braking Torque Approximately 20%
Stall Prevention Stall Prevention at Acceleration/Deceleration and Constant Speed Operation
Instantaneous Overcurrent 200% of Rated Output Current
Motor Overload Protection Electronic Overload Protection
Overvoltage Motor Coasts to a Stop if Inverter Bus Voltage exceeds 410VDC

Undervoltage Motor Coasts to a Stop if Inverter Bus Voltage drops to 200VDC or below
Momentary Power Loss Motor Coasts to a Stop after Momentary Power Losslasting over 15ms
Overheat Protection Protected by Thermistor
Ground Fault Protected by DC Current Sensor
Power Charge Indication (LED) Charge Lamp stays ON until Bus Voltage drops below 50VDC
Control Power 24VDC
Speed Reference Supply 12VDC, 20mA
Analog Input 0 - 10VDC, Input Impedance 20k Ohms (Can be configured for ±10VDC)
4 - 20mA, Input Impedance 250 Ohms
External Speed Potentiometer, 0 - 10VDC,
2k Ohms Minimum, .5 Watt
Auxiliary Analog Input 1 Programmable, 0 - 10VDC, Input Impedance 20k Ohms
Analog Outputs 2 Programmable, 0 - 10VDC
Digital Inputs 8 Digital Inputs (4 Programmable): Positive or Negative Control Logic
Digital Outputs 2 Programmable Form C Relays, 250VAC, 1 Amp or 30VDC, 1 Amp*, Form A Relay, Programmable Open Collector, 48VDC, 50mA**
Serial Communications RS-485 Port, MODBUS Protocol
Location Indoor (Protected from Dust and Corrosive Gases)
Ambient Temperature +14 to 104°F (Not Frozen)
Storage Temperature -4 to 140°F
Humidity < 90% Relative Humidity (Non Condensing)
Vibration < 1000 m, 5.9 m/s2 (0.6 G)
EN50081-2 Requires External EMI/RFI Filter (optional, not included)
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