What is a Variable Frequency Drive?
A variable frequency drive is an electronic device that allows you to start, stop, and control the speed of a three phase motor. It is also a motor starter as it is equipped with overload protection. Read more »
What is the difference between a 'new surplus' motor and a 'factory new' motor?
Our New Surplus electric motors and drives are new and unused overstock or discontinued items offered at lower prices and come with our 90-day warranty.

Factory New products are competitively priced and come with a manufacturers warranty.
Variable frequency drives (VFDs or inverters) now play an important part in major industry.
Within the last 10 years they have been perfected to control and vary the speed of 3 phase electric motors. They serve many purposes, besides speed control. Homeowners and hobbyist alike, who have lathes or milling machines with a 3 phase motor, usually don't have 3 phase power to operate. These VFDs (instead of using a rotary phase converter) can now be used to convert single phase power to 3 phase power. Read more »
FRN100P11S-2UX-Dealers Electric-Fuji
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FRN100P11S-2UX-Dealers Electric-Fuji FRN100P11S-2UX-Dealers Electric-Fuji FRN100P11S-2UX-Dealers Electric-Fuji  
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100 HP, VFD, 230 Volts, 3 Phase, NEMA 1, Fuji, FRN100P11S-2UX

Model #: FRN100P11S-2UX  
230 Volts 3 Phase Input, 230 Volts 3 Phase Output
Stock:  1
HP : 100
Enclosure : NEMA 1
Input Voltage : 230
Input Phase : 3
Manufacturer : Fuji
Output Voltage : 230
Output Phase : 3
Model : FRN
Item Condition : New Surplus
Category : Frequency Drive
Weight:  125 lbs
Our Price:

Fuji FRENIC 5000 Series Variable Frequency Drive
Variable torque for fans and pumps
New Surplus


  • Dynamic torque-vector control
    Dynamic torque-vector control system performs high-speed calculation to determine the required motor power for the load status. Our key technology is optimal control of voltage and current vectors for maximum output torque.
  • Reduced motor wow at low speed
    Motor wow at low speed (1Hz) reduced to less than 1/2 of that achieved by conventional inverters, with the dynamic torque-vector control system, in combination with the Fuji’s unique digital AVR.
  • New on-line tuning sytem
    On-line tuning to continuously check for variation of motor characteristics during running for high-precision speed control.
  • Environment-friendly features
    Provided with low-noise control power supply systems which minimize noise interference on peripheral devices such as sensors.
  • Advanced, convenient features
    16-step speed with timer control, rotating motor pick-up control for conveyance machinery
    Automatic energy-saving operation, PID control, cooling fan on/off control, line/ inverter changeover operation for fans and pumps
    Rotating motor pick-up control: Restarts motor without any shocks, by detecting motor speed where motor is coasting after momentary power failure occurs
  • Communications features
    Equipped with RS-485 interface as standard.
    Universal DI/DO : Monitors digital I/O signal status and transmits to a host controller, helping to simplify factory automation.
  • Intelligent Keypad panel
    Copy function: Easily copies function codes and data to other inverters.
    Jogging (inching) operation from the Keypad or external signal
    Remote operation using optional extension cable (not included)
  • Protective functions, maintenance
    Motors with various characteristics can be used by setting thermal time constant for the electronic thermal overload protection.
    Input phase loss protective function protects the inverter from damage caused by disconnection of power supply lines
    Motor is protected with a PTC thermistor
  • Other
    Side-by-side mounting (up to 30HP) saves space when inverters are installed in a panel
    The uniform height (10.24inch(260mm)) of products (up to 10HP) makes it easy to design panels.
    User-definable control terminals: Digital input (9 points), transistor output (4points), and relay contact output (1point).
    Active drive feature: Performs prolonged acceleration at reduced torque, monitoring the load status to prevent tripping.
    Stall prevention function is provided as standard. Active or inactive can be also selected


  • Fans: Air-conditioning system, Dryer, boiler fan, furnace fans, roof fans, refrigerator, centrifugal compressor, blowers, cooling-tower fans, ventillating fans
  • Pumps: Tankless water supply system, submersible motor pump, fountain pump, cooling water pump, circulating hot water pump, well pump, agricultural storage pump, water treatment system, constant-flow pump, sludge pump
  • Other variable torque applications


  • Model #: FRN
  • Input Voltage: 230 Volts; 3-Phase
  • Output Voltage: 230 Volts; 3-Phase
  • Constant Torque HP: --
  • Constant Torque Amps: --
  • Variable Torque Horsepower: 100
  • Variable Torque Amps: 283
  • Enclosure: NEMA 1
  • NEMA 1 kit part number: NEMA1-55G11-2
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 29.13" x 14.76" x 10.63"
  • New Surplus with 90 day Dealers Industrial warranty
  • Variable Torque Applications
  • Enclosure: IP 00 (NEMA 1 KIT Available - Call For Pricing)
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