Metric IEC

The Best Metric IEC Motors in the US

IEC Frame Metric Motors – 0.08-220 HP

3PH TEFC 60/50 Hz AC Foot Mounted (B3), C-Face (B34 and B34/1) and D-Flange (B35) Metric IEC Motors

Elektrim IEC Frame Metric motors are designed to meet international standards (including IE3 efficiency requirements) and are “the” replacement motors for overseas applications and machinery components. Dual rated 60/50Hz from stock, Elektrim IEC frame motors offer vacuum pressure impregnation for optimal electrical performance, oversized bearings on both ends for direct coupling, IP55 protection, and are backed by a 3-year warranty. Select from B3, B35, B34 or B34/1 mounting to replace or import in a variety of applications from pumps, conveyors, fans and more.  Made in Poland.  Stocked in the US.

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